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Photography has been a huge part of my life since my daughter was born. It stirred something in me and my husband added flame to that fire. He is my rock and biggest supporter! 
Jamin and I have 2 beautiful little humans and 1 furbaby. Jade (6), Jett (1), and our 1 year old furbaby - Arlo.` 

We love Jesus bigtime and in our house, we speak with kindness, always forgive, and always encourage!

I’m an adventurer at heart, a coffee lover, and a photographer! I live in Target and texmex food is the way to my heart and I believe that pineapples belong on pizza.

I love experiments and personal projects. Finding new perspectives and breathing in new life into old boring scenes is what inspires and gets me excited so I would love to meet with you and tell you all of the ideas I have for your images! 

I call myself a creative and I proudly wear that title so call, text, or message me - whatever floats your boat.

hello. I'm Jessica.


praise and worship

coastal waters

fall feels

real moments

old fallen building

my babies

I'd describe my work as evocative, soul-stirring & real. I'm all about documenting the most honest version of you and your relationship, with tears or laughs, with goofy faces or moments full of passion & seduction. 
Raw and honest is all that my photography is about. I won't ask or let you pose indifferently in front of my camera. These photos and memories are not for me, they're not for my portfolio or for your Facebook. These photos are for You! And for the moments you want to remember 10 years down the road. So let's make it as real, sincere and fun, as possible!

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

Jessica's Philosophy